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Messiah Gospel Band

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1) Messiah Gospel Band was founded by Erby Trente Et Un and 4 other people in July 2010. !!!!!!!

2) We founded it because we were a group of musicians that had been playing together for a long time. We developed such a great chemistry, a solid bond and we understood one another pretty well. And I told them one day why not put a band together to better use our gifts and talents for God’s glory. And the idea was well welcomed. Ever since Messiah has existed.

3) Messiah has 10 members.

4) The title of the album is :
Jem fikse sou Kris/ Keeping my eyes on Christ.

5) The is perspective is: to bring a new flavor to the HGMI to attract an international attention and close the gap for our Haitian Christian music. We just want to stand out from other bands.

6) The expectations are:
a) for Messiah itself to be recognized around the World and has a positive impact on people when they hear our Godly inspired songs.
b) The public will find a diversity of styles on our album like worship (CCM), praise, Caribbean, african and even brasilian style( samba).

7) We are scheduled to minister at a private Gala in canton Massachusetts on:
November 25, 2018
.We will begin a series of album release concerts in Boston areas starting on:
December 9, 2018 in Boston. Place TBA. Next we will go Brockton, Rhode Island, Malden, Worcester etc. Dates TBA.
and any eventual invitations we may receive. We will keep the public posted.



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Phone 617-888-7875 or 508-203-0550