Kerlyne Liberus

Artist Bio

Kerlyne Liberus is a Gospel singer, songwriter, the lead singer of the spoken word group called Troupe Paul El Sadate ( T.P.S). She was born in Haiti on a December 20 day and she is the daughter of Pastor Vragne Liberus and Marlene Liberus Pierre Charles. Kerlyne discovered her passion for singing at the age of 13 but was so timid that she always wept when singing in front of a crowd. Still she pursued her singing career becoming more and more comfortable on stage. As the former lead singer of "Pelerins Choir", and a long time group "Symphony" she always dreamed of singing in front of large crowd and she is well on her way.

In the year of 2012 she started working on her first album "Who Am I" that she finally released on April 30, 2016. She has touched many soul with her singing gift and is constantly praying that God continues to use her to minister to his people.

She has performed at weddings, concerts, special celebrations and she believes she is on the way to becoming one of the Haitians biggest stars in the Haitian Gospel Music Industry.

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